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If I'm off, I do not get the im.
You need to send me a note, otherwise, I do not hold me responsible if your request is not answered.

** If you have a problem with a product, make a note of the transaction number. (It is necessary).

** items are NO refunds and NO exchange, except for double purchases. Because No transfer items cannot be returned to me.

** If your purchase was not delivered, please use  the redelivery terminal at the main store.

** If you have a problem with a purchase, please make a note, fill it with the following, you send me (the transaction number is required):
- Transaction number
- Problem
- Name who made the purchase

** Before you think that the product does not work, make sure you are using your body mesh well.

** If you have any questions, leave me a note.

** I do not accept custom work

** I will respond promptly.  The response time is approximately between 24 and 48 hours. Everything depends on the time in which it is sent (I hope your understanding that not all live on the same continent).

Q 1.- The product does not look like the picture and looks like a spot of paint
A. You need to use the switch Masking /Blending.

Q 2.-Active applier but clothes do not see in my body
A. Make sure you have updated the body
A. Make sure you have the layer in which clothes are applying activated

Q 3.- I do not see the makeup in my head lelutka.
A. Probably you not will activate the option to blend in HUD head.

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